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Sawbona - Here to Hear Counselling
Here to Hear You Counselling

Perhaps you feel unheard, perhaps unseen?

There may be pain, pain right now or a painful past. Those feelings have become consuming and overwhelming. You have done the right thing to not ignore them.

Perhaps you are unsure of what you can do next? I have met and worked with those who we would pass in the street every day, they have deep pain, a deep sense of needing something, someone to listen.

Is that what you are wanting, needing?

Hi, I'm Joanne. 

I See You.

When I begin to explore who I am and what I can offer (the two are inextricably linked), I think of the word Sawubona. It is a word that connects, it means ‘I see you’.

I believe that there is healing through meeting. I also believe that seeking a therapeutic environment is a sign of resource not a sign of failure.

Do you feel unheard?

Do you feel unseen?

Let's Change That

Let Me Address Some Common Thoughts...

Is it the right time for me to get counselling | Here to Hear You| Jo Wright Counselling

Is it The Right Time?

This is the right time, I know it is because I trust and work with the intuition that you have that whispers, ‘this is what I must do’

You can do this, for you have accepted your desire to explore, and that is a powerful place to be.

You can do this because you have embraced your desire, and you deserve to be heard.

Can counselling help me change | Here to Hear You Counselling | Jo Wright

Can I Change?

As a river flows and is ever changing, so our lives, circumstances, relationships, memories and painful experiences can alter and change their course. Hold on to the hope of that brighter day when you can, with more clarity, see yourself and others you have relationships with. That day when pain is not so consuming, when answers can come and the way you are coping now is no longer the norm.

Will I be judged | Here to Hear You Counselling | Jo Wright

Will I be Judged?

Our work together begins with non judgement. You are worthy of my unconditional regard, you truly are. So many of life's experiences are full of shame and judgement, they are a minefield! Our work together steers clear of that minefield, I know that experience may feel very new to you, It was new to me too when, a number of years ago I started on the path of therapy myself.

"The therapy I offer is a safe space to belong, feel significant, be seen, be heard" - Joanne Wright

Your Questions: Answered.

It's absolutely natural, and important that you will have questions. So I have tried to answer many of the most common questions that people like you have asked me... Please watch the 5 minute video below.

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